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Governor's Mandate 3/20/20

Due to the new public health mandates, we will be closing both the Church Office and the Church until the restrictions are lifted. The closure will begin at the close of business, March 20th.  The parish answering machine will be checked regularly for pastoral emergencies. Please continue to check the St. Peter's Website for updates. May the Lord protect and keep you, Fr. Hartt+

Latest Updates

A Letter from The Sr. Warden -
Jim Chenot

Dear Parishioners,

It does not seem possible, but it has now been ten Sundays since we were last together worshiping at St. Peter’s.  Lent, Holy Week and Easter Sunday were taken away from us due to the Coronavirus epidemic and as each week goes by it seems that there is no end in sight.  I pray that everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy as we weather this new social distancing.

As we go through this time, please know that your clergy have you in their thoughts and prayers each day and truly miss seeing all of you.  They have been working hard trying to keep us connected faithfully through social media, with Mother Sue celebrating Morning Prayer and Evening prayer with Father Hartt daily.  The prerecorded Sunday services posted each week have been a blessing to all of us as well as to those who have relocated in past years and have been reconnecting through our parish website, Facebook page, and constant contact.  This tremendous endeavor of putting the video, music, and services together has been done by our talented choir director Neil Keen. I want to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful clergy, choir director, and those who have contributed readings for these virtual Sunday services. I am sure that these services have meant the world to many who have felt the void of not being able to attend church on a regular basis.

We also have come to the realization that many of our families are going through financial difficulties and may even be facing layoffs or unemployment. The personal needs of your families and friends must come first.  However, with no regular Sunday services being held, we must be mindful of our church’s financial picture as we move forward.  Even though our parish is quiet, facilities and utilities do not go away.  With the help of our treasurer George Scala, we were able to obtain some financial relief through our government’s Payroll Protection Loan Program which has helped to offset some of our payroll expenses.  As many know, the stock market took a financial hit in March ultimately effecting our portfolio which we heavily rely upon.  At the end of April, we saw a modest gain to the loss in March, which is very encouraging.  All that said, I think our church’s finances are healthy due to the previous wise decisions of our vestry and our members’ strong commitment of faithfulness and generosity.  We have been so fortunate to see many continue to send in their offerings weekly as well as some sending additional offerings for outreach, which is a blessing.  Our clergy are on the frontlines with individuals and families that are in need of some assistance which ultimately decreases their discretionary accounts quickly.  Thank you to those who saw this financial shortcoming. Your additional gifts have truly been a blessing to many.  Contributions have been coming through the mail as well as online. If you would like to give electronically, please visit our website.  In addition, I would like to thank the office staff who have been continually working with the clergy, taking care of emails, phone messages, the weekly electronic leaflets, inserts and newsletters, as well as posting and reconciling all the financial records, including posting contributions to give our finance committee a clear picture of where we stand.

While our doors are closed, the property committee continues to maintain the physical property issues as they come up and are mindful of our financial shortcomings.  Major projects have been put on pause for a bit, but we are hopeful that as soon as our doors open we can take a look at where we stand financially as we look forward to the completion of the interior restoration project and the upgrades sorely needed to the Pumpelly Room.

Most importantly, as a church family we must be mindful of others.  We need to be concerned for the elderly who are most at risk. We must be concerned for those on the street who have no one and nowhere to turn. We need to be concerned for the loss of reason that seems to have overtaken so many in their own personal response to what is truly a communal concern.  We need to pray for those working in hospitals and clinics, the doctors, nurses, and all medical professionals with resources being stretched.  We need to be concerned for our economy and for those whose lives will be impacted by the loss of jobs. This is a long list of things to pray and worry about, but we as a loving church have this opportunity to be a model to our families and friends with a faithful response for those less fortunate than ourselves.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4: 6-7) The Apostle Paul is telling us not to worry and leave it in God’s hands.

We look forward to a joyful celebration when we can reopen the church’s doors and reconnect with our church family.  In the meantime, be prayerful, kind, careful, and wise in what you do. Stay healthy and well.

God Bless,

James Chenot                                                                      Sr. Warden

Welcome to St. Peter's

St. Peter's is an active church with a rich history. With a faithful membership, St. Peter's seeks to worship God, to support the spiritual growth of all parishioners, to reach out to the surrounding community, and to preserve our unique Christian heritage for the benefit of future generations.

St. Peter's has served as an active center of worship for over 300 years. A member of the Diocese of Albany, St. Peter's existed before the formation of the Episcopal Church after the American Revolution. The current St. Peter's Church is the third structure in the parish's history, the first having been built in 1715.

Much of the life of the church takes place in the Guild House adjacent to the church, which houses the church offices, the Sunday school classrooms, the nursery, the choir room, the archives, a large auditorium with full kitchen, the Pumpelly Room parlor for receptions, and upper floor apartments.

Stained Glass Ceiling
St. Peter's
St. Peters Stained Glass
The seven-sided Apse
St. Peters
Bell Tower

An Update from Bishop Love Regarding COVID-19 and the Reopening of Church Buildings            05/15/2020   


A Letter from The Treasurer -
George Scala

Click here to read the Treasurer's Letter 
and for a printable PDF


Sunday Service Videos

Every Sunday a filmed Sunday Service from inside St. Peter's Church with Fr. Hartt and Mtr. Sue will be available for your viewing. Each service will also contain music from the St. Peter's Choir. Every Sunday, St. Peter's parishioners will be emailed the YouTube video link for each service through a Constant Contact email from the church. Each video will also be published on the church website on Sunday morning for that day as well as on the St. Peter's Church Facebook page. The leaflet and readings for each Sunday are available on the church website as well. Click on the "Info Center" tab above and then click on "Weekly Leaflet" or "Weekly Readings" and then click on the appropriate date for each. Both the leaflet and readings can be printed out so that you may follow along. To view the YouTube video click the link below.

Sunday Service 04/19/20:                   https://youtu.be/2gP7MG9Yyzk

Sunday Service 04/26/20:                                      https://youtu.be/Ljx-mmoJnZg

Sunday Service 05/03/20:                      https://youtu.be/JxV6fXzWiY8

Sunday Service 05/10/20:                    https://youtu.be/ULEN2pK8l0c

Sunday Service 05/17/20:                https://youtu.be/rHfHB9RhP38

Ascension Day Evensong Service 05/21/20:   https://youtu.be/3j7Z6tDKDek

Sunday Service 05/24/20:                  https://youtu.be/O6ypjGlC5k8

Sunday Service 05/31/20:              https://youtu.be/bG4MQ5MiMFs

Holy Week Service Videos

During Holy Week videos of different Holy Week Services, each filmed from inside St. Peter's Church with Fr. Paul Hartt, will be available to view. These Services will also contain music from the St. Peter's Choir. The Services to view are Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Each video will be published on the church website on the appointed day as well as on the St. Peter's Church Facebook page. Click the link below to view.

Palm Sunday Service 04/05/20:  https://www.youtube.com/embed/3CxvebT5dSs

Maundy Thursday Service 04/09/20: https://youtu.be/bSgO7dRkFAs

Good Friday Service 04/10/20:            https://youtu.be/ItbMTn_X9tU

Easter Sunday Service 04/12/20: https://www.youtube.com/embed/DtWNjzZx6TM

Worshiping from Home

Morning and Evening Prayer Videos: Please visit the St. Peter’s Church Facebook page for a daily Morning Prayer video with Mtr. Sue and a daily Evening Prayer video with Fr. Hartt. You can also access these videos on this home page by clicking on the video under the "St. Peter's Episcopal Church Facebook" section.

WEBCAST SERVICES: Every Sunday the Episcopal Diocese of Albany webcasts a Sunday Service of Holy Communion with Sermon. You can access this service and those going forward from the Diocese at https://albanyepiscopaldiocese.org/

Resources for Home Worship: The Episcopal Diocese wants to encourage you to worship from home while this health crisis unfolds and to do so they have complied a resource list for you. By no means does this list provide all available resources, but it does give you a number of options to guide you in your home worship. You may also reach out to your parish clergy for ideas and suggestions. These resources can be found on the Albany Diocese’s website at: https://albanyepiscopaldiocese.org/worship-resources-during-covid-19-pandemic/

Prayer Book and Bible at Home. Family Devotions are a great comfort. Our Tradition encourages the use of the Prayer Book and Bible in this way. The Service of Morning Prayer begins on page 41. You can also go online to hear a spoken Daily Office at:

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