Saint Mark's Chapel

Saint Mark's Chapel is the site of smaller services at St. Peter's Church, such as the service of Holy Communion at noon on Wednesdays.


Flags of the Albany Congress of 1754: Sessions Held in the Nave

Right Side from Front of Church
Left Side from Front of Church
1. Episcopal Flag
13. American Flag
2. St. Peter's Flag
14. New York State Flag
3. King's Colors
15. United Nations Flag
4. Cromwell Flag
16. Dutch Flag
5. New Jersey Flag
17. Maryland Flag
6. Grand Union Flag
18. Betsy Ross Flag
7. Pennsylvania Flag
19. New Hampshire Flag
8. Pine Tree Flag
20. Massachusetts Flag
9. Continental Flag
21. South Carolina Flag
10. Virginia Flag
22. Connecticut Flag
11. St. George's Cross
23. Rhode Island Flag
12. Georgia Flag
24. North Carolina Flag