The Daughters of the King, Inc.

Our vision as Daughters of the King is to know Jesus Christ, to make Him known to others, and to become reflections of God’s love throughout the world. The Julia Chapter of the Daughters of the King was established in 1990 at St. Peter’s Church under the direction of Deacon Christine Wickman. Since then, we have many women praying for the church and others who have requested special prayers through the Prayer Request Cards located in the church for everyone’s use.


For His Sake I am but one, but I am one.

I cannot do everything, But I can do something.

What I can do, I ought to do.

What I ought to do, by the grace of God, I will Do.

Lord, what will you have me do?


Prayer always comes first. It is the first priority for Daughters, and our Service and Evangelism depends upon it. Each Daughter’s Rule of Prayer should be carefully considered and guarded. It should be prayerfully chosen, reviewed regularly and revised periodically. Our vows do not specify particular prayers, length of prayers, or times of prayer, just that we pray daily for our sisters, our church, and our clergy.

Members of The Order of the Daughters of the King® undertake a Rule of Life, incorporating the Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service. By reaffirmation of the promises made at Baptism and Confirmation, a Daughter pledges herself to a life-long program of Prayer, Service, and Evangelism, dedicated to the spread of Christ's Kingdom and the strengthening of the spiritual life of her parish.

Each member’s personal Rule of Life reflects her unique spiritual journey. A Daughter’s Rule of Life is not taken lightly, but is developed prayerfully with God’s guidance. The Rule is not meant to be fixed, but flexible, and should be begun simply and reviewed regularly to accommodate her changing life circumstances and spiritual growth.

A rule of life is a self-imposed spiritual discipline practiced daily by an individual. It includes regular and seasonal devotions, both private and public, and is a commitment intelligently and prayerfully considered. A rule of life sets apart an order from other church organizations.

Most Daughters find that the discipline of a Rule of Life fosters a deeper relationship with Christ. The commitment made through our vows often serves as a catalyst that draws us closer to the heart of God - transforming our lives and leading us into more dedicated prayer and service for the sake of the One who’s cross we wear.

Our Cross

At The Service of Admission, a new Daughter receives the cross of The Order as a mark of her membership. It is a modified Greek Fleury cross, inscribed in Latin, “Magnanimiter Crucem Sustine,” meaning “With heart, mind and spirit uphold and bear the cross.” At the base of the cross are the letters “FHS”, initials that stand for the Motto of The Order: “For His Sake.”

A Daughter will love God and have affection for her neighbors. She will pray to Jesus who is her intimate friend. She prays regularly and unceasingly, for prayer is a state of being, not just a physical or verbal position. A Daughter's life is a prayer born or acted out of love, not fear. A Daughter will serve her King and her service to the King of kings is only accomplished when she serves in and through His family, the Holy Church.

Contact Susan J. Smith (President), Michele Lundberg (Secretary/Treasurer) or any of the DOK Members (Donna Ohlman, Karen Chatman, Cathy Connors, Judy Burns, or Alice Sanigular,) if you are interested in becoming a member of the Daughters of the King.  (Susan J. Smith, President) (Michele Lundberg, Secretary/Treasurer)


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