Top of the Hill is a group of retired men who meet at St. Peter's in the Pumpelly Room every Wednesday morning from 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM.  Meetings are expertly chaired by Mr. Herb Higham, gavel in hand, and discussion topics are included at the Chairman's discretion.  Membership is by invitation, and inquiries may be made to any Top of the Hill member.  Although you'll find most Top of the Hill men worshiping with St. Peter's congregation on Sunday, church membership is by no means a requirement for membership in the group.

Top of the Hill was founded by Mr. Richard E. Bolton, a prolific poet, and it is his poem below that gave the group its name.  Mr. Bolton's poem is read by a representative of Top of the Hill at every funeral of a group member.

"A Prayer from the Top of the Hill"

FATHER, Thou has been with us,
when we stood at the top of the hill
on a warm summer evening
in the peaceful silence;
Broken only by the source of nature,
covered by the dome of heaven,
as the light of the setting sun
played a myriad of changing colors
across the sky.
So close to the reach,
but beyond our grasp
and we have been humbled
by Thy power and creation
to respond only by praise and prayer.

LORD, we thank Thee
for this world and its witness of Thee;
For sunshine, wind, and rain,
and for all weathers.
For the everlasting hills,
high sailing clods and clear shining stars.
We drink to the full of Thy beauties
and know that they come
as gifts of Love to each of us.

We thank Thee, FATHER,
for the sacraments of life,
for all ministries of the infinite,
the beauty of common things,
the light of heaven upon our daily path.
And we stood in that fading light,
consumed by Thy Glory,
in the very Presence of Eternity
brounght down to us by Thy Son,
Jesus Christ, our Lord.